MG Soil Guard

Microbial & Fungicidal Cocktail. The groups are : Photosynthetic bacteria / Lactic bacteria / Yeast / Actinomycetes MG selected Active Agents./ 100% Organic-Based product.

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MG Soil Conditioner

MG Soil Conditioner is made from raw materials including green, food processing and animal waste etc. It is a 100% Organic-Based product. MG Soil Conditioner ..........

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EM-1 Products

EM-1 is an acronym for Effective Microorganisms. It is a brand name referring to a line of microbial-based products using a technology developed by Japanese .........

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Welcome to Metagreen!

Meta Greens Resources, aiming to introduce environmentally friendly products and services to support agriculture industrial and consumer challenges. Our business specialize in soil health management towards the growth of sustainability.

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Our work isdedicated tothe prosperityof our clients!

Meta Greens Resources have collaborated with 10 years R&D
and field experiences team in West Malaysia .With joint efforts, our main activities is to introduce microbial related products.Our products are biological process, manufacturing & licensing of its technology , business of recycling organic waste management, marketing of soil conditioner and related products.